Our mission is to help Dona Ana County reach our No Kill goal to eliminate the unnecessary killing of companion animals via progressive & friendly animal-welfare programs and services. Our vision is that our efforts will help transform our community to improve the quality of life for companion animals and greatly reduce the number of abandoned and homeless animals impounded and killed at our municipal shelter.

Number of Dogs/Cats Rescued from 20122015 (~90% from ASCMV):

2012 – 193 2013 – 480 2014 – 752 2015 – 657 2016 – 523

Breakdown of Rescue Numbers for 2017:

Dogs:  ASCMV-224    Stray/Community–76   TOTAL dogs:  300

Cats:   ASCMV-232    Stray/Community–173     TOTAL cats:  405

2017 Total:  705

Breakdown of Rescue Numbers for 2018:

Dogs:  ASCMV-139    Stray/Community–100    TOTAL dogs:  239

Cats:   ASCMV-346    Stray/Community–105     TOTAL cats:  451

2018 Total:  690

Breakdown of Rescue Numbers for 2019:

Dogs:  ASCMV-94    Stray/Community–61    TOTAL dogs:  155

Cats:   ASCMV-302    Stray/Community–51     TOTAL cats:  353

2019 Total:  508

Breakdown of Rescue Numbers for 2020:

Dogs:  ASCMV-41 Stray/Community–40    TOTAL dogs:  81

Cats:   ASCMV-217    Stray/Community–52     TOTAL cats:  269

2020 Total:  350

Breakdown of Rescue Numbers for 2021 (thru July):

Dogs:  ASCMV-40 Stray/Community–64    TOTAL dogs: 104

Cats:   ASCMV-166    Stray/Community–94     TOTAL cats:  260

2021 Total (thru July):  364

TOTAL Number Rescued 2012July 2021:  5222

You can find out more at Shelter Animals Count’s website. Click below to access their dashboard. You can look up the data summery or by geographical location.

Shelter Animals Count